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Serial Number's Can Be Found Printed On A Barcode Label Or Engraved On Unit Casing


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Skoda Radio Code Online By Serial Number

To find your Skoda radio serial code, removal of your radio is REQUIRED.

Skoda radio code is a 14 Digit Number Code, that starts with SKZ followed by 11 digit security code.

Skoda Serial Code Fomat : SKZ2Z3C1584108


Serial Number Code Location


skoda radio code

Skoda radio code entry

Powering ON your radio Shows “SAFE”

NOW WAIT until 1000 shows on screen display.

Pressing button 1 until 1st digit of the code is set

Pressing button 2 until 2nd digit of the code is set

Pressing button 3 until 3rd digit of the code is set

Pressing button 4 until 4th digit of the code is set

Now press the control button function key to validate your input of your Skoda Radio Code the security code is now stored with all functions restored.

Skoda Radio Code Serial Number

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