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e.g U1203 L2032e.g 1203 2032
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How to find your Honda Serial Number

Method 1: Retrieve serial from radio's screen

Note: This method only works on 2001 or newer Honda models. If this is not your case or you have troubles retrieving from the screen, go to Method 2.

Steps to follow:
  1. 1 Turn the ignition switch to ON.
  2. 2 Turn ON your radio and ensure you can read "COdE" on the screen. Otherwise, pull the backup fuse for one minute and return to Step 1.
  3. 3 Turn OFF the radio.
  4. 4 Keep pressed 1 and 6 buttons while powering ON the radio. Note: If you own a Navigation system, keep pressed the two halves of SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC instead 1 and 6.
  5. 5 Your radio's screen will toggle between two numeric sequences. One starting by U + 4 digits and other starting by L + 4 digits.
  6. 6 Your Serial Number is the full sequence without or without the letters. Example: U1200 L2030 or 1200 2030.
honda radio
Method 2: Remove radio and find your serial
Step 1: Remove your radio

If you are not able to retrieve your serial from the radio display screen, you will need to remove your radio to view the actual serial number that is printed n a sticker label. It's a pretty simple task and generally only requires a screwdriver.

For detailed information view our video guides below.

More videos Step 2: Find your serial

Your serial is located on the radio's label. Generally, it is composed of 8 digits. Example: 3004 3000. For more information check the reference illustration. This is all you need to get your Honda radio code.

Find honda radio code serial number
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