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e.g enter AUZ seriale.g enter 014AUZ seriale.g AUZ1Z2B9476346e.g AUZBZ9F1140008e.g 014AUZ2Z8G4754685

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Get your Audi Radio Code in Seconds by Entering your Audi Radio Serial code Found on Manufactures Label, Save the hassle of visiting your Audi Dealer, get your Audi radio code Online today.
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Audi Concert Radio Code MK1
Audi Concert Radio Code MK1

Audi Concert Radio Code MK2
Audi Concert Radio Code MK2

Audi Symphony Radio Code
Audi Symphony Radio Code

Audi Radio Code by Car
Audi TT Radio Code
Audi TT Radio Code

Audi A3 Radio Code
Audi A3 Radio Code

Audi A4 Radio Code
Audi A4 Radio Code

How To Find my Audi Radio Code Online

Radio Code by Audi AUZ Serial number

"audi radio codes from serial number" To retrieve your Audi Radio Code, the radio must be removed, to view your Audi serial number label. Audi Radio's require Radio Removal Keys, that can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here

Audi Radio Serial Number Location

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Navigation Radio Codes

Audi RNS-E, Navigation Plus, Navi + MMI

On Audi Navigation the serial data is displayed on code entry display, no Need remove your radio to view your Audi radio serial. Enter this serial number to get your Audi Radio Code.

Audi Concert Radio Code |
Audi Radio Code |
What is Audi SAFE Mode? How can I enter my Audi Radio Code.
Audi SAFE Mode is an Anti Theft security feature, Audi SAFE Mode must be bypassed to enter your Audi Radio Code. Power ON your Audi A3 Radio, code SAFE 2 or SAFE on-screen message will be displayed, if not in Secure mode, 1000 be visible this will enable you to Enter your Audi Radio Code Instantly. your serial number to unlock your radio will be a [AU] 14 digit Alphanumeric Data Code. Radio is on and appears in “SAFE” mode Simultaneously press the P.SCAN and RDS buttons, holding them down, until “1000” lights up. Release the buttons. (If you continue to hold the button down or press the buttons again this will make the radio think your radio code is 1000, so don’t do that) Use the station buttons 1 through 4 to input the radio code. Press button one repeatedly until you arrive to the correct number (once would be one, twice would be two and so on.) Once you have entered the correct code in the display press the P.SCAN and RBDS simultaneously again, holding down until SAFE is displayed. The radio should now be working,
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