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SEZ SEZ2Z5G2695389

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Online Seat Radio Codes Available 24hrs a day for all Seat cars, radio makes & variant models, to get your radio code, simply enter the radio's serial number details into our decoder to find your radio unlock code online, all codes supplied are guaranteed to work first time, if you need further help, please view our free how to guides.


Seat Radio Code Service

To get a Seat radio serial code, you will need to remove the radio from the dashboard, to view the SEZ serial number required label. This task is easy and only takes few minutes.
Note: Depending on your Seat radio, you may be required to get radio removal keys, which you can find on Amazon by clicking here

The Serial Number is located on the radio's barcode label, and will begin with "SEZ" followed by 11 characters. Example: SEZ2Z6F3337756.
This is all we require to retrieve your Seat radio code.

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Seat Radio Code Serial Label | SEZ

Switch your radio ON and radio appears in SAFE service mode

If SAFE does not display automatically press and hold the SEEK & SCAN buttons simultaneously or MODE & SCAN. Depending on your radio model type

After about 2-3 seconds 1000 will appear on the display.

Press button 1 until the 1st digit of the code is displayed.

Press button 2 until the 2nd digit of the code is displayed.

Press button 3 until the 3rd digit of the code is displayed.

Press button 4 until the 4th digit of the code is displayed.

Now press the > or SEEK button for 2 - 3 seconds to input your SEAT Radio Code and your code will be stored, reset with access granted.

Helpful Information Tip

If you have entered the code number correctly, LSM will appear briefly in the display.

If you've accidentally entered a wrong code number, SAFE will appear in the display. Initially it will blink & then stay on.

Radio Code for Seat Car Model

Unlocked by Entering the SEAT Leon SEZ labelled serial number details. e.g. SEZAZ2M4945721

Unlocked by Entering the SEAT Ibiza labelled serial number details e.g. SEZ1Z9F3788473

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