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Our Ford Radio Codes Instant Service is available 24/7. Ford radio codes are displayed after purchase, we also include a Free Lifetime Retrieval Online Website Link, should you need to Unlock your Ford Car Radio Code, at a later date.

Radio Code Is Available
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e.g M000281e.g V024299e.g BP738982412152
Our Easy 3 Step Process
Enter your radio serial, the system will check if your radio code is available, if available, you will be directed to purchase.
Radio codes are sent via email address provided.

How to find your Ford Serial Number

How to find my Ford radio code serial on radio display

Ford 6000 CD

Switch ON your Ford radio, holding buttons 1 & 6 If nothing happens, try holding buttons 2 & 6. The radio display screen will begin to show different types of data. Identify your serial looking for the next format: V123456 or M123456.

Ford 4500 RDS EON

Switch ON your Ford radio, holding buttons 2 & 6 pressed for few seconds. Your serial should appear instantly on the screen with this format: M123456

Ford Sony CD

Switch ON your Ford radio, holding buttons 1 & 6 for a few seconds. You will see data start to scroll on your Ford radio screen, identify your Ford Radio Serial, by looking for, "SOCD1X7VO123456". We only require VO123456 part of serial.

Ford 6000 CD Radio Code
find ford 6000 cd new serial number without remove
Ford Sony Radio Code
How to find my Ford radio code serial on device label
Step 1: Remove Ford Radio

On Ford, the radio removal process is easy and only takes a minute. For this you will need some special radio removal keys, which you can purchase for few pounds on Amazon by clicking here

Ford Radio Video Removal Guides

More videos Step 2: Find Ford Serial Code

The serial is located on the radio's label. To facilitate the identification, there are two main types:

Type 1: Ford | Visteon | Sony

Examples: V123456 or M123456. This is all you need to unlock your Ford radio code.

Type 2: Travel Pilot | Blaupunkt

If your radio is manufactured by Blaupunkt, your serial number will begin with "BP" followed by 12 numerical digits. Example: BP123456789012. For this type of serial, you will also need to make a note of the radio Part Number which will begin with "76" followed by 8 numerical digits. Example: 7665300124.

Ford V Serial Radio Code
Ford M Serial Radio Code
Ford Travel Pilot Radio Code
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