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e.g BP538761132843e.g 9596739e.g CL0818A0088368e.g PP3000MB0003742e.g PN3001PA0014571e.g DS1AN0353905BH30De.g DW4BN0597412BH30D
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How to find your Nissan Serial Number

Method 1: Retrieve your Nissan radio code serial from display screen

Note: This method only works on Nissan Connect LCN EU radios. For all other radio models, go to Method 2.

Steps to follow:
  1. 1 Turn the ignition ON.
  2. 2 Once you see "Radio Code" on the radio's screen, enter a wrong code for THREE times. Example: 1-2-3-4
  3. 3 Your radio will be locked for 60 minutes and the Serial Number, Device/Part Number and Prod. Data will appear on the screen.
  4. 4 Write down those data. You are ready to get your Nissan radio code.
nissan radio
Method 2: Retrieve your Nissan radio code serial from label
Step 1: Remove the radio

To view the Serial Number you will need to remove your radio unit. Radio Removal Guides Below

More videos Step 2: Find your serial

The serial is always located on the radio's label. To identify it, check the next three types of serials found on Nissan.

Type 1

It starts with "CL", "PN" or "PP", followed by 12 digits. Examples: CL380030293000, PN2392MB1002232 or PP3000MB0000239. For this type of serial, you also need to note the Model Number which starts with "PN" + 5 characters. Example: PN-3000M. For more references, check the slider illustrations.

Type 2

This type of serial starts with "DW" or "DS", followed by 15 digits. Examples: DW4BN0597412BH30D or DS1AN0358993BH30E. Please note, you also need to note the Part Number and Prod. Date. Examples: 28185BH30D and 07.28.2010. For more information check the slider illustrations.

Type 3

Starts with "BP" followed by 12 digits. Example: BP538761132843. You also need to note the Part Number which starts with "76" + 8 digits. Example: 7654387318. This is all you need to unlock your Nissan radio code.

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