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e.g enter VWZ seriale.g VWZ4Z3E9114784e.g VWZAZ1H8826644

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VW Radio Code by Serial Number
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Volkswagen Radio Code by Car
VW Golf Radio Code
VW Golf Radio Code


VW Passat Radio Code
VW Passat Radio Code

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VW Polo Radio Code
VW Polo Radio Code

Polo Radio Online Unlock Service

VW Beetle Radio Code
VW Beetle Radio Code

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How to Find a VW Radio Code Online

How to Unlock VW Radio Code by Serial number

To Unlock your VW radio, found on Serial number label, you will need to remove the radio unit from the center console. This process is easy, depending on your VW radio model, you may need to use radio removal keys, which you can purchase on Amazon by clicking here

To retrieve your code for your radio, you will need to find the Volkswagen serial number will be located on the manufactures label, or etched on the radio casing, it will begin with "VWZ" followed by 11 characters.
Example: VWZ1Z3L3195562.

This is all we require to retrieve your Volkswagen radio code.

Radio Unit Removal Guide

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How to Enter VW Radio Code

To enter your radio code, SAFE may be displayed on the code entry screen, in most cases, To override SAFE MODE press & hold down Scan & Mode for up to 10 seconds.

Your radio will now allow you to enter your radio code, radio display will now show 1000, Entering the code is simple, using Radio Code 1234 as a radio code example.

How to enter VW Radio Code

Press preset code 1 once to show the code as a 1 in the first code space

Press preset code 2 twice to show the code as a 2 in the Second code space

Press preset code 3 three times to show the code as a 3 in the third code space

Press preset code 4 four times to show the code as a 4 in the fourth code space

View your Volkswagen radio display screen to ensure the radio code 1234 is correctly entered, press and hold Scan & Mode buttons this will store your radio code into your Volkswagen radio will be fully operational again.

All Volkswagen radio codes are serial number specific, so if you need to retrieve your radio code for your VW car at a later date, you can simply enter the same code into your radio as many times as required.

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