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Ford S-Max Radio Code Free Entry & Reset Guides

How to find Ford S-Max radio code serial

A Ford radio code is a 4-digit numeric sequence required to Unlock your Ford Car Radio,
Switch on your Ford Radio, "CODE" or "Enter Code" or "Enter".

Ford 6000 CD | 6006 CDC

Switch ON your radio, holding buttons 1 & 6 If nothing happens, try holding buttons 2 & 6. The radio display screen will begin to show different types of code. Identify your serial looking for the next code V123456 or M123456.

Ford 3000 | 4000 | 4500 | 5000

Switch ON your Ford radio, holding buttons 2 & 6 pressed for few seconds. Your serial should appear instantly on the screen with this code: M123456

Ford Sony MP3 | DAB CD | Visteon

Switch ON your Ford radio, holding buttons 1 & 6 for a few seconds. You will see code start to scroll on your Ford radio screen, identify your Radio Serial, by looking for V series code "SOCD1X7VO123456". We only require VO123456 part of code

Ford S-Max Radio Codes Online From Serial Number Label

How To Remove Ford Stereo

Ford devices require anti-theft removal tools "Ford Radio Keys" that can be found on Amazon by clicking here

Ford Code Online Removal Guides

More Ford Radio Removal Guides Serial Type • V or M Series

Ford serials begin with V or M followed by SIX numerical digits.

Radio | 6000 CD | Visteon | Sony

Examples: V123456 or M123456.

Ford Travel Pilot | Blaupunkt Navi

Ford Blaupunkt serial codes begin with "BP" followed by a 12 Digit numerical code. Part Code which will begin with "76" followed by 8 numerical digits.
Ford Serial Radio Code: BP4594859538
Ford Part Radio Code: 7665300124

How To Enter A Ford S-Max Radio Code Online

recieved your radio code? now let's input the key code!

Switch ON your Ford Radio, Enter code "CODE" or Code should be visible on your radio's display screen

Pressing Preset 1 repeatedly to enter first digit of code.

Pressing Preset 2 repeatedly to enter first digit of code.

Pressing Preset 3 repeatedly to enter first digit of code.

Pressing Preset 4 repeatedly to enter first digit of code.

Now check if your New radio code is displayed correctly on your stereo

To confirm your code entry, Press & Hold Preset 5 * or ENTER to store your key code input your Ford radio functions will now be reset.

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