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CM0336C8888888 A2C9911950400034647 BP2639602645891

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How to Get Radio Code

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Fiat 500 Radio Code Service

To get a Fiat 500 radio serial code, your radio will need to be removed, to view the radio serial number, if you have the removal keys for your radio. Otherwise, you can purchase on Amazon by clicking HERE

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Fiat 500 radio serials are found located on the code label,. It will begin with BP or CM, followed by 12 characters.
Examples: BP738982412152 or CM0336C8888888. You also need to note the Part Number which starts with "76" + 8 digits. Example: 7648126391. This is all we need to unlock your Fiat 500 radio code.

To ENTER your Fiat 500 radio code
Switch ON the radio is turned on CODE IN should display on the radio screen
Press button 1 until the 1st digit of the code is displayed.
Press button 2 until the 2nd digit of the code is displayed.
Press button 3 until the 3rd digit of the code is displayed.
Press button 4 until the 4th digit of the code is displayed.
To input your Fiat 500 Radio Code you need to depress and hold button 5 or 6

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