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Chrysler Radio Code online decoding service, for more information view our "how to find guides" below. All radio unlock codes are genuine Chrysler radio codes, so guaranteed to work, a Free Lifetime Radio Code Retrieval website link, is provided with all car radio codes unlocked by our service.

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e.g TQ1AA349831768e.g TM9213399867e.g T00AM1951T5289e.g TVPQN32840PSTU

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Easy 3 Step Chrysler radio codes
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How To Get Your Chrysler Radio Code By Serial Number

Method 1 • View on Label

On Chrysler, you will need to remove your radio from the dashboard, to view your serial number label sticker. To do this, you will need a screwdriver.

Radio Removal Guides Below

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Step 2: Find Serial

The serial number is located on the radio sticker label and there are four types:

Type 1 • Chrysler Alpine

The serial will begin with "TQ", "TC", "TD", "TZ", "TH" or "TB" followed by 12 characters. Example: TQ1AA349831768. For easy identification, view the label illustration below

Type 2 • Chrysler Mitsubishi

Chrysler Mitsubishi serial numbers begin with "T00" (zero-zero) followed by 11 characters. Example: T00AM1951T5289. For this type of serial, you also need the Model Number, which starts with "P" + 10 characters. Example: P05091179AA.

Type 3 • Chrysler Panasonic

Chrysler Panasonic serials begin with "TM" followed by 10 characters. Example: TM9213399867. For this type of serial, you also need the Part Number, which starts with "P" followed by 10 characters. Example: P68210557AB This is all we require to retrieve your unlock code your Chrysler radio.

Type 4 • Chrysler Continental

It starts with "TV" + 12 characters. Example: TVPQN32840PSTU. This is all you need to get your radio code.

Chrysler radio code serial number
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